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None of my coping skills work anymore


I need to find new coping skills, my main ones were talking with my dad, listening to music, and if it ever got too bad to handle, I’d take to a blade. Now, I was clean since November 20th, 2018, but I broke that steak 3 days ago, but have been clean since. I promised people I would stop, and I really want to. But now, with none of my coming skills working, I have no idea what to do. I feel failed. All of these things I have brought into my life to help me aren’t doing there doing their job. My dad ignores me, Music has lost its touch, and I need to stop using a blade for good. I did have one other (that I would rather not name), and it has been working, but now, not so much. I use almost every day, but now its lost its touch. I feel lost. I’m alone. I really need new ways to deal with this. Art used to be a major part of me, but now I have no motivation for it. I have no motivation for anything anymore, and all these things would get me motivated, but not anymore. I’m so lost, Please help me?


@Littlebitch666, sometimes we temporarily lose motivation for something we like, and that’s okay. Take a break from it for a little while and then come back to it.
How about learning something? I’ve found that it can be distracting and rewarding. Maybe self-educate yourself about a subject, like architecture or the histories of cities. Or maybe a new skill or hobby, like an instrument, painting, doodling, photography, making jewelry and dreamcatchers, or go into exercising and make your body stronger and healthier.
I’m guessing you, like most people, have one genre of music that you mainly listen to. Which is perfectly fine, but why not try to expand? Maybe listen to jazz, like Gogo Penguin, or metal/pop like Aelonia?
Also, I’m very proud of you for staying clean. We fall down, we relapse, but we get back up and you should smile for yourself for that.
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