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Not So Good

i can’t say that. sorry for the waste of space. very stupid of me. oh well. :slight_smile:


No it wasn’t. It was you venting and asking for help. That’s not being a wasted space. I promise that is not wasted space. You deserve the space to vent and get help.


I wholeheartedly with Paladin. You have the right to vent here. We all do.

Also you are not a wasted space and you are not stupid. But we cannot force you to believe us. We can only encourage you to trust our capacity to see things differently than you do when you are struggling, and that it comes from a place of genuine care for you.

Your voice is important, and it matters to us.


You are not a waste of space… unless you are an electric salt and pepper grinder then you are a waste of space AND money… I am sorry that was a stupid joke :upside_down_face: . I do stupid jokes when i dont feel so good. But i stand by what i said (Both you and the grinder). I think you are hurting and you might see yourself as a flawed human but we all are flawed. You are a person and if you were a waste of space than everybody is. You are great and you will be but you might not see it that way right now. I agree with what @Micro said. We can tell you that you are worthy and great but in the end you must believe it. Try to accept who you are and then accept that you are a wothwhile person.

You can do it. I believe in you. :wink:


But I don’t get it. I know it’s a dumb question (okay maybe not, just not good) but why? It’s the same thing every day with nothing new accomplished. And I’m hurting people more than I’m helping. Plus, when the time finally comes I will finally have the true ability to go. I’m just so sick of feeling like crap in such a happy life. If things were tough I would finally have a legit excuse, at least one that they would believe. I really wish something would happen, like they find out I have to get heart surgery again, especially calf surgery again-- paralyzed from waste down would be best. I just don’t want to be conventionally happy. I want to be truly happy. Also. Sorry. I’m not signing back on again. Because I never improve. It’s all my fault. But I don’t care. I just want to be a good person and everything in my able life prevents that. So please help in that sort of matter. Not support to feel better. But support to feel… worse. :mango:

^ See how dumb I sound. I’m not worth it. Bye :slight_smile: ^


No I dont think what you are saying is dumb. Actually it has helped me figure something out. I think you dont realise something… something that i didnt realise too for some time. You are punishing yourself because you have not accomplished anything new you are hurting people and you are better at it than helping them and your life is kind of common. Right now you are describing about 90% of people that exist. Most people didnt accomplish anything great today… they have unintentionaly or intentionaly hurt more people than they have helped and they are better at hurting others than helping them.

That is because they are people. Most people live lives that might be good or bad but they are not spectacular or extraordinary in the traditional sence. They didnt accomplish anything great because it was just another day for them. They have hurt more people than they have helped and they are better at hurting others than helping them because it is so MUCH easier to hurt someone than to help them or make them happier. In other words you are punishing yourself for being a normal human being.

I have an experiment for you. Try to apply the same conditions on the people around you. NOT great sportsman or scientists but just the people around you. Family friends classmates you name it. See how many of them would pass your criteria that you have for yourself for being worthwhile. See what happends. Now i dont want to come to any conclusions but at least some of those people will not pass your criteria. Now i dont think you would think they are not good enought to take space on this planet or that they should not be here, and if they are good enough to be here even tho they have these flaws then so are you. :wink:

I hope this helped