Not the best of updates

I found another way to self harm, which i was just starting to get better which i know i shouldn’t have found the way but it was happening bc of a lot of stress


Hey @Horselover200246,

I am sorry you’re experiencing so much stress right now. Is there a way to remove, get away, or avoid this new way to self harm? Are you with your grandparents now and how is it going? I’m sorry if you gave an update on this already and I missed it. Could you inform your grandparents about this so they could support you?

When you say you were starting to get better, what is the reason right now for you to engage in this behavior? Remember, it is a behavior that you voluntarily engage in. I know there’s so much more it than just that, but at some point there is this choice you can make to not self harm even if you had the opportunity to do so. I am by no means minimizing your struggles with that and I know from own experience with self-destructive behaviors that this is such a difficult thing to deal with. I am just pointing out that there is this choice you can make. Do you have a set of skills at hand that helps you with the urges to self harm?

Stay safe. You’re loved. :hrtlegolove:

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My grandparents have been helping me with coping instead of self harming now, we had to cut my nails short for me to just not be able to self harm agaij bc i was using my nails to sh. “what is the reason right now for you to engage in this behavior?” the reason right now is because of the stress i’ve been dealing with for the past couple days so i started to use sh for an escape ahain

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Have you talked to anyone about what’s caused the stress during the last couple of days?

What could you do instead of sh to cope with the stress? Drawing, journaling, meditation, music - is there anything you could do to relax and distract from the stressors?

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