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Nothing is getting better it only gets worse


The past few days have been horribly awful. I was given punishment for having a vape in my pocket and they took my pay and gave me extra duty where I have to stand and run arrands but with my hip I just can’t. It’s making my condition worse and the pain unbearable. Everyday I am humiliated and shamed for my condition. They are now working on kicking me out for my injuries, chances are I’ll be too hurt to work and will have to go homeless again when I return home. I just wish I could be dead. I really do. I fight hard to appear happy, but I can’t do it anymore. I just fuckin can’t. I give up.


We’re here for you friend.
I’m sorry you are treated the way you are, you don’t deserve it at all. We love you so much and you will always have a home here. I hope you find a new scenery where you feel loved and valued, or that your current one changes. Either way, it will get better. The fight is long, but you will win.
You are loved. You matter.

Hang in there friend,