Oh my lord this hit me so hard at 8 years old my s

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Oh my Lord! This hit me so hard. At 8 years old my son put a MONSTER in federal prison for 20 years. Recently divorced my ex wife’s boyfriend fondled my son and he came to me and we agreed to call the police. We didn’t know homeland security was watching him for importing child porn. They pulled the trigger and found a diary where he had molested over 100 children over 13 years. Mostly birth to 4 years old. Unfortunately mom took the molesters side. My son testified in federal court against him. Buying him 20 years. Because of what happened I ended up volunteering for Team Hope a part of the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children. I worked the Exploited and trafficking division. I am still healing. In 3 years the perp will be let loose. That scares my son and me.

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I feel for you, that’s awful. Hope you can stay safe.

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Hey there friend. Thank you so much for opening your heart about something so personal. I’m keeping you in my thoughts on this one: heartsupport — Mozilla Firefox - Oh my lord this hit me so hard at 8 years old my s - Social Media / Support - YouTube - heartsupport — Mozilla Firefox - 1 April 2024 | Loom