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ive been feeling better recently but at the same time things have gotten worse. ive posted a lot on this fourm about my breakup and theyre pretty interesting so i suggest you read them. i wake up and i just cant do anything, i cant move, my laptop is in bed next to me but i cant even gather the strength to grab it. it takes me like an hour to get out of bed, just knowing i wont wake up to a good morning from my ex is just the hardest feeling in the world. but for some reason when i talk to people about our breakup and ask for advice i feel better. but like at the end of the day when everybodys asleep and im the only one awake in my house i feel better than i felt in the morning. and it just feels like i just wasted my day being sad and thats what im doing. advice? also when i talked to this one person she said i could be her back up like for when my ex and her boyfriend break up. honestly i dont care if im the back up as long as im with her then ill be happy.


My dear… how can you give up everything and lose your ability to live for a previous relationship? From the way you speak frankly, I know that you are a good person and that it was an influential relationship on you… but I need more details, perhaps to be able to Supporting you more and so that I can make you feel better after this breakup… I know it’s not easy but always remember that someone cares about you here :white_heart:

Hi @Sussiest_Baka

The HeartSupport Houston team responded to your topic here. Hold Fast friend - we’re with you.

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