On the verge of a relapse

So because if my history with addictions, my mom is in control of my pills the doctor gave me for after surgery. I’m ok with this as long as she follows the directions. There is also a pill that acts like a laxative in there. I told my mother I didn’t need to take it today. Her response is the doctor said you need it so you have to take it. She also made the decision on her own that because I’m a big guy (6 foot, 295) that I’d need to take 3 of the laxatives a day. I expressed that I feel like this was to much and I don’t feel comfortable taking that many. Her response to how I feel is I’m doing the best I can and you should be more grateful I’m helping you out. I just don’t know how to approach this any more because I’m very grateful she helped me during and the days after surgery but if I can’t express how I feel without being made out to be the bad guy then what’s the point of feeling anything at all. It’s honestly making me wanna relapse so I can numb my feelings again.

Hey friend!

Thank you for sharing with us, that takes a lot of bravery and honesty.

First of all, do whatever you need to to avoid a relapse! That is not worth it and none of us want to see you relapse, especially if you’ve been clean for a time.

Second, if your mother is not listening to your complaints, I would recommend that you contact your doctor directly and ask him/her what they recommend and explain the situation.

Hold fast!

Sam S

Stand up for yourself. If you can’t get through to your mom then tell your doctor. Your doctor will either set your mom straight or tell you that it was okay.