One in the same

My aunt threatened to kill my cousin like how my mom did with my sister some months ago while beating her I don’t know how to feel since I can’t do anything

Hey there friend, i recommend that you reach out to professional help. Call the cops if you have too. You can make a difference. You are strong and you are capable. i would recommend reaching out to someone who can help you with this situation. Praying for you friend. <3

I have no phone. I’m on a tablet that’s controlled by my school administrator. And I’m not strong. I’m weak and fearful. The only other source is really an online counselor and I don’t know my address.

I get you man! Maybe tell someone there who you could trust at your school. Whether that be a counselor or a trusted teacher. Or try that online counselor. :slight_smile: you are stronger. Stronger than you know. Words have a lot of power friend. Don’t be afraid to speak life and positivity over yourself. Speak life. You are stronger than you know :slight_smile: I believe in you