Others struggles

My family has gone through some trying times over the past few months. My mother-in-law lost her job, but owns a bakery as well that was able to supplement her income. The bakery has been struggling though so she hasn’t had a source of income, and due to circumstances out of her control is unable to go just get another job. This is not only sad for her, but it is deeply effecting my wife. They have a very close relationship, and the the weight of the situation is really getting to them. I can’t seeing either of them being as sad and helpless feeling as they are. I just ask for prayers of hope and restoration for them because they can’t take it much longer. Thanks in advance.

@Ksoucy23 Hey there,

It sounds like your family is really under a lot of stress. Know that I am praying for peace and guidance as well as hope and restoration. Hold fast friend.

Hannah Rhodes

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Hey @Ksoucy23

Thank you for sharing this.

I’m so sorry to hear your family is going through such a hard time. My mom recently lost her job too and it’s been really hard for me to see her go through it. It’s hard to watch the people with love be sad and downhearted. The job market is hard, but possibly your mother-in-law could look for other ways to make money? I know there are some reliable websites that maybe she could look into.

My prayers are with you and your family, thank you for sharing this.

Hold fast.
Hannah Presley

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Are they taking every opportunity available to them? Are they using the internet, and local events to promote they’re bakery? are they making their site mobile friendly and do they accept all methods of pay? (Credit/debit card reader)

Also a different way to promote the Bakery is to make sure the food thrown away is safe yet donate it to a local community center to handout to the people that go there to eat.

IDK if this helps yet what I am trying to get at is a fresh perspective might help. Where they’re at maybe taking a survey/census of the area trying to figure out what will most likely have people actually purchase from them may help.