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Ouch i don't like this

I miss my boyfriend and my friend. I feel very bad about it


Relationships are very complicated, there slot to figure and it never a perfect situation. I remember having feeling for this girl that did not feel the same way. We are still friends, it still very hard thing to figure out and over come.

You can’t control your feeling toward people, making mistakes is part of life. One I have been learning is no matter what the situation is whatever it romantic or bring single. You must be okay to be independent. No matter what happen you must never lose your self worth. You are special even in the most simplest ways.

But as your friend you must let choose of what to be your friend and more on. It hard to turn feeling and they can make people very impulse. It does not mean you hate each, it mean you respect each enough to give space and time to grow. Again, this not your fault and it better to be honest than to lead someone on.

Also don’t stress about you boyfriend, let the relationship work it self. Most important, enjoy it. You are wasting energy in worrying about the future and not being happy present. Enjoy time with this person and live in the moment.


Hi Natalie,

It must be really tough to be in a relationship with someone so far away. I’ve been in a long distance relationship before, but not to a scale like yours. (2 hours by car) I am really happy for you though, that you have someone you feel so secure with :). I understand the need to be closer to your boyfriend, although it worries me that his parents don’t know about the relationship. It makes me question how serious the relationship is to him :/. Furthermore… you are your own person, and so is your best friend. He started having feelings for you, tried to kiss and got rejected. Being rejected really hurts. (I’ve also had my fair share of that) I understand the reaction of your friend to keep more of a distance. It’s kinda like a secret code that he’s respecting: “You don’t touch someone else’s girlfriend”. So his reaction makes me glad. He’s giving you the freedom to spend time with your boyfriend without being tainted, tempted. Ofcourse it’s not nice to lose a friend, or see them less. But on part of your relationship, it’s a good thing :slight_smile:
(From what I read, i feel like your relationship is really strong, so i’m just writing this as a just in case… … if you ever feel doubts about anything… It’s okay to choose for someone who doesn’t live as far away. You’re not a bad person. Try and follow where your heart leaves you. I usually know within my heart if i have greater feelings for someone than just friendship. But as I said… i wrote this just in case you ever get some sort of doubts anout your current relationship)
I wish you all the best… and let time help you.