Out of ideas

Maybe this is a good time.

My anxiety does whatever it wants and the panic attacks are more frequent than ever. Every night I fall asleep panicking and wishing to never wake up again.

The depression feels like a thick winter coat in summer. I can’t take it anymore.

Maybe this is a good time.
Maybe it’s time to say goodbye.
Maybe it’s a good thing that I’m suicidal again.
Maybe that means I can finally get it done.

Sorry guys.
My bad.


Hey @fiji

I just read your two posts. And I hope you’re doing okay.

Hang in there, friend.
It’s always a good time to shift your perspective and try a different strategy. But not to disappear.
Keep fighting against those thoughts. Even if they’re very tempting. Even if it just means staying in bed all day and watch stupid TV shows.

I’m not in your shoes right now. But I know that you are stronger than you think.
Let it be. Let it pass. You’ll be okay.

Rooting for you friend. :heart:

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Hey Fiji. Sorry you’re hurting right now. But I’m glad that the wall continues to be a place that you feel you can talk on and come to when you need to get things off your chest. You don’t have to apologize for expressing your mind, though. It’s healthy to get it out. :heart: Just know that you are loved and cared for friend.

It’s okay to share your heart and mind. :heart:

Sending you love this weekend.


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