Outpatient Day Program ( I went )

So, my psychiatrist finally got my referral going for this outpatient program she told me about like 2 months ago. I felt like I was getting lost in the system, soo I told her the other day. They are lagging on placing me with a talk therapist and things just seem to be dragging.

Anyway, that day she put the referral in for me and yesterday they called to say they accepted me and that I have to go on Tues for an intake interview. We are going to talk about what I want to work on and make a treatment plan for me while I am in the program for two weeks.

I’m excited and scared at the same time. They also come to my house which is a half hour away to pick me up and bring me home. They feed us too while we are there. Here is a description of the program. It sounds promising.

Program participants are diverted from placement in a more restrictive institutional setting to the CHOICES day treatment program following a mental health crisis. Participants attend daily groups and activities that emphasize dialectical and cognitive behavioral therapies, mindfulness practices, relapse prevention, symptom management, medication education, emotional regulation, physical fitness and connection to community and peers, all of which improve clients’ daily functioning and social skills. This provides clients with a variety of opportunities for positive social interactions that aid in recovery and improved overall mental health.

In participation with staff, CHOICES program participants identify their desired treatment outcomes and receive an individualized treatment plan which leverages the clients’ own personal strengths in managing their mental health symptoms.


Yay, hoping this will bring some great healing and insight and a boat load of new skills for you, friend :smiley:


This is awesome that you got accepted in to something that you think will be really beneficial for you. I hope it goes well and look forward to hearing about it. And that’s awesome that they pick you up, drop you off, and feed you so that you don’t have to spend time on those days worrying about those things. :crossed_fingers: it helps you learn some new skills and strategies :hrtlegolove:



How did the interview go, friend? If you’d like to share, of course.

These are big and significant steps. We’re all proud of you and we are all rooting for you.

Sending thoughts and friendly vibes. :hrtlegolove:

It went pretty good. I’m waiting for a phone call this morning to see if I start tomorrow. They wanted me today, but they have to set up transportation first.

There are only 14 other patients and not all of them come every day, so it’s a pretty small group. They asked me a ton of questions and wanted to know what I wanted to work on. The whole program is DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) and CBT (Cognitive Behavior T4herapy) geared, so I’m looking forward to that. I’m also looking forward to craft time lol. (Those of you who have spent time in the mental ward understand lol)

The two ladies who interviewed me were two of the four staff members and were very sweet. I met a few of the patients and they were really nice and wanted to know all my diagnosis’s lol. One old man told me 4 times that if I you have a sense of humor you will live a long life. So, remember that.

I’ll have more to write about tomorrow night I think.

Thanks for asking @Micro :rose: :hrtlegolove:


I’m just going to continue with this thread since it’s the same topic.

I did my first day today and it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. I didn’t really know what to expect, so tomorrow I’ll be ready for it.

We did group stuff all day. I learned about nonviolent communication (NVC), lying and telling the truth, then I drew a tree.

I liked drawing the tree.

The staff are really nice and I like them. The patients are all pretty cool. It’s strange meeting people who have the same diagnosis.

Lunch was pretty bad, but it’s different every day so maybe tomorrow will be good.

I guess that’s all I have for my first day. Sorry if it was boring, a friend said I should post that I went. :hrtlegolove:


Never boring at all, @Mystrose. This is about your life. It is important and interesting. Thank you so much for sharing this here! Not only this could help you, but it could also inspire and reassure others regarding what it means to get help with that kind of service.

It’s good to hear that the connection with the staff and other patients has been positive.

Wishing you all the best for this new journey. You’re on a right path. :hrtlegolove:


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