Overcoming Negative Thoughts

Yesterday I woke up feeling bad. I was having negative thoughts and it was awful but I decided that it wasn’t gonna happen. Not today. I took a shower to refresh and I tried to distract myself from these thoughts and it worked. For the first time, it worked. It wasn’t much of a productive day but I wasn’t feeling down and that’s what actually mattered. I just wanted to share that cause I felt proud of myself for overcoming the negative thoughts. Thank you guys for helping me


Yes!! That’s really, really powerful @Nouniii. When we are depressed, it can be REALLY hard to get out of bed and just shake this thought of being defeated before the day even started. But once you actually get out of bed, do what’s needed and take care of yourself, even just ONE little thing for a very short time, you realize that nothing was written and you CAN actually change the narrative anytime. And a shower is a big thing!

That is definitely a good reason to be proud of yourself! Well done, friend. That’s a real victory and I hope you’ll take the time to reward yourself for that. It’s worth celebrating! :hrtlegolove:


That is amazing to hear @Nouniii
It can be really hard to overcome those really negative and nasty thoughts, but movement in the right direction stimulates more movement towards the right direction. Getting up and doing everything we are “expected to do in a day”, can be pretty overwhelming, but by cutting it up in smaller pieces it can be easier and more manageable. I’m so glad to hear that you had a more productive day than you would’ve had if you hadn’t done any of that. Because let’s face it, you took care of yourself which is productivity as well, right?

Definitely a reason to be proud of yourself for and definitely worth celebrating! :hrtlegolove:

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