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Overthinking, don`t wanna live and lost


I really dont know what is happening to me. I have a pain in my chest which is never stops. I thinking everything pessimistic. I dont wanna eat, live, wake up. Im in middle of nowhere. I always thought a girlfriend in my life would change everything about me: Makes me happier, etc. Last week, i think i fell in love and she is feeling same for me, i believe; but everything is going wrong for some reason i dont know. Actually nothing is happened to make me sad. I should feel great right know, but im not. Ive always been over energized, feeling great, thinking about nothing or thinking about lots of thinks to do but everything is changed. Im so pessimistic. I dont know what to do. Please help me.


Hello @breakmysky, i’m really sorry to hear that, i used to feel the same thing several months ago, heads up! You’re not alone and you deserve happiness. We’re here for you. I suggest you to keep in touch with person that you trust and spend your time with them. I hope that works for you. Hold fast.


I’ve been going through a lot of what you wrote about too. And I can definitely relate to thinking certain things will make us happy. Having certain expectations then feeling down or sad when things don’t work out the way we think they will. I can tell you in my life the only thing that truly satisfies me is when I’m worshipping and praising God, when I’m not just reading the Bible but actually doing what it says. When my life is more about Hom and less about me. I believe He did make each of us to have a relationship with Him, so if we’re not, if we’re seeking happiness or joy apart from that, we might experience happiness for awhile, but it will only last a little. Again I’ve found all that to be true for me. I’m so happy for you that you are falling in love and she feels the same for. That’s great! I pray the best for both of you.


Sometimes it thing go good and you end having bad thought, it was happen with me everyday. You cant control your brain chemsty. Also, being in relationship in general cause major anxiety. Trust me i over think every little thing and bug the shit out me. You not the only one, just remeber they just thoughts not what actully is going on.