Panic attacks/Anxiety over this

I know people can relate to how i feel , but i know there’s others that deal with this too so i know im not alone in this. The thing is this thing that happened years ago lead to me how i feel around this . Today it caused me to slightly panic . The fireworks were loud and somewhat close to my house . Its hard to enjoy something that once made you feel the way you feel right?
here is a little of the back story : back when little it was july 4th we were out at this plaza watching fireworks and all the sudden this guy who felt like a foot away was on the roof of the plaza and it scared me and i was in utter tears and this lady came out and asked if we wanted to come inside to her work and she told one of her workers we may need to call the cops . after all the fire work stuff we left and went home. As someone who’s now older , why the heck am i still afraid / anxious when im around fireworks. I always try to have something near me to try and keep my mind busy, for instance i was at my laptop with earbuds in and well … yeah. I wish i can enjoy fireworks but honestly it may not happen. Any opinion or advice will be appreciated , thanks for reading .


Hey @all_around_ashley,

It sounds like you tied a bad memory to fireworks, which is why you might still be anxious when July 4th comes around. Sometimes it’s really difficult to reverse a specific flight-or-flight tactic that we’ve (accidentally) embedded into our DNA. For example, for some reason, I get REALLY anxious around loud noises, ESPECIALLY unexpected loud noises (lightning strikes, jump-scares), or anything that has an instant shock-factor to it (balloons popping, getting shocked, etc). This is all mostly tied to traumatic experiences when I was little of having a balloon pop in my face, and getting shocked REALLY hard touching a metal mailbox. I’m 27 now, so you’d think I would’ve grown out of it by now, but alas, my brain is wired the way it is, so I just gotta learn to be okay with that. :slight_smile:


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thanks eric , yeah im about to be 20 in acouple months ive found ways to be able to keep calm but i atleast have to keep something in my hands to help that


im the same way with jumpscares and yelling.


Sometimes we do attach bad memories to once exciting times and it can ruin the activity for quite some time but you can always rewire your brain if you so choose. Its like when something gets you mad you can choose to not let it. It won’t happen ever time or go away instantly it takes time to rewire your brain. I am sorry to hear that it still makes you panic tho. That really does suck.

Much love friend

@Coyoteryder ,
i get what your saying friend , but how can i just “rewire” my brain to be okay with fireworks? Being frustrated/mad is a different thing we can fix . Even though its just one bad experience its hard to i guess remember the good about seing fireworks . its been 5 years now and i dont remember how i even was in 2015-2018 . All i else would remember was i was okay last year i guess but i wasnt up close it was still loud but … i guess it is what it is .

You’re right it is different. I hope you can find a way to calm yourself from the panic of it. I’m still sorry that you had such a bad experience.

@Coyoteryder its fine

I used to have violent panic attacks, music was always the one thing that could keep me calm and clear headed but it never completely stopped. I couldn’t even go into a Walmart without having a panic attack but then I had a friend d try cbd and he told me it worked for him, I gave it a shot and wow. Now I can live a somewhat normal life without taking any prescription medication. Maybe give it a try, talk to someone and see if it could possibly help.

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@Ptdk333 is that an oil? and ill seee.

Yeah but do your research first, stay away from snake oil brands like koi.

would an oil defuser work or something ?

I’m not sure but it can be used as a tincture and they make gummies, soaps, and cbd syrup you can mix with sprite.