Paranoia, I'm losing my mind, and my job because of it

Im being watched. I’m almost for certain being watched.
No, I’m losing my mind. I can’t tell anymore. Someone please help me

Hey @anon14688970,

I’m sorry you are experiencing this. I can’t imagine the anxiety and overwhelming mix of emotions you must be feeling. Can you tell me a little more about what’s been going on? What do you need from us that would be most helpful to you?

Idk, I just want to die.

Hey @anon14688970 - I’ve read your message on a different post and it sounds that you are going through a crisis right now. If you have a loved one or a therapist that supports you, could you reach out to them right now? That would be awesome. We’re here for you as well, but behind our computers/phones it’s difficult to help you as you need right now. You might need someone who could guide you more directly and make sure you stay safe.


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