PaulDances Fan #3

A dear friend in the swing community has lashed out at me with false accusations, after I was asked for constructive criticism. I am afraid of going to social swing events for how this person has been. I was already dealing with social anxiety/depression

Don’t be afraid. If you didn’t criticize him then you shouldn’t feel guilty or take it to heart. Your friend could have been upset and just lashed out on you because he/she was upset at someone or something.

He/she probably took your words the wrong way. Don’t be upset about it. Just give your friend some time to really process that you weren’t criticizing him/her and give them space to think about what they misunderstood about your words.

If you did not intend to offend them, and their accusations are indeed false, give them time and space. However, stay in the social scene without direct contact if you can. I can relate to how uncomfortable it can be, but staying confident in your kindness might help.