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People are better without me around

I think that maybe I am the worst monster that can exist
. Everyone that I have met and had tried to be around me,have been hurt because of me and now that they dont speak to me anymore,they seem happy and I am happy for them but at the same time I feel sad because I cant make anyone happy or smile and I feel like the worst of all. Maybe my family and all the people are better without me around.

You are not a monster. For so long I felt the same way you are feeling, and I considered suicide. But then I realized that my neices, my friends, they would be miserable without me. You might not see it, but people do love you and want you to be around. Maybe you should get professional help if these feelings don’t go away, but for now know I am here for you


I know that feeling too, I hurt alot people that love me and it hard fight those feeling. But it not a being a perfect, it about trying be a good person. Making mistakes is part of being human. It also, not your job to make everyone happy, focused you need and then help others.

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