Peoples words hurt

I don’t know where I want to begin because this is bothering the living heck out of me. So the other day I had to run out with the family to pick up pet supplies. fast forward we get 'em, and we head out to dinner and we ate no biggy, right? Well one of the workers we “know” made a comment about my weight and it bothered the living frick out of me and I felt very insecure about myself. Yet I still feel insecure about myself and last night I wanted to relapse but I didn’t…

Why did they have to make me feel insecure ? why did am i feeling like absolute shit because of it . I just wish these thoughts stopped. I dont know :confused: .


Hi all_around_ashley
First, good job on not relapsing, that is proof of your inner strength. I’m sorry that the worker was making things difficult for you. We should be here to support each other, not make others feel bad. Hurtful comments from people that are close to you hit especially hard and make/bring up insecurities. I wish I could hold off your bothersome thoughts, they seem to be really difficult to deal with. Hope you feel better soon.
Here for you

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Hi my Friend,
thank you for sharing. thank you for coming back to us.
i am sorry to hear that. people often don’t think anymore when it comes to comments towards others.
they often don’t think that far, that words can hurt. more then actions. more then physical pain.
it is like with so many things, easier said then done. but try not to bother about that. give a shit about what people
say to you. people that love you, friends and family are the people we should listen to at first. no one has the right
to make a comment towards yourself that make you feel insecure.
you did not relapse, that is amazing. i am proud of you, we all are. try to distract you with things you love. maybe
reading something nice, listening to music or watching something. spend time with your loved ones. you deserve that. you matter most and you are loved :purple_heart: feel hugged


From: ManekiNeko

I’m so sorry someone made a comment. I don’t think it’s appropriate even if you know someone to make those kinds of comments, but to do it in their work environment is just below the line behaviour. I would also hate that. I used to battle strongly myself and even now I still have days where I struggle with it. Just know that your feelings are valid and that we are here whenever you need support friend.

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Hi there Ashley,

That’s such a frustrating, upsetting situation! That employee shouldn’t have made such a comment about you and it sounds like this caused such a tough emotional “spiral”.

Now that it’s been a few days, I wanted to check in with you and see how you’re doing? Do you still have those residual difficult feelings or have they mostly gone away?

Sending much love as you work through this,
<3 Tuna

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Hi again, @all_around_ashley

Sometimes, people are so unhappy with themselves that they take it out on other people, and that’s not right. I’m so sorry that person made a remark on your weight. Regardless of circumstances, how you feel about yourself and your circumstances should be what matters. If you’re happy where you’re at weight wise, and it isn’t affecting your health, then forget what other people want to say about it. I applaud you for not stooping to their level and saying other low things like they did to you.

Be kind to yourself, and take care of yourself. You’re so loved here. :heart:

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Hey Ashley,

I am so sorry that you experienced this. It sounds like the worker made an inappropriate comment, and without invite. It is never fun to receive those unwanted comments, no matter where they come from. My condolences, friend.

Though going through the struggle wasn’t a good experience, I am proud of you for holding back those invasive thoughts before they became actions. Each day is a hard fought victory, and you should be proud of that. :hrtlegolove:

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From: eloquentpetrichor

Hey all_around_ashley! I’m sorry that that employee made you feel badly about yourself. Even if they do technically know you commenting on your weight is such an unprofessional and rude thing to do. I hope that they meant it in a kind way and just were a bit tone deaf in their comment but regardless that was very rude of them. I hope that you were still able to enjoy the evening aside from that and I hope you had a good weekend and things have gotten better since.

Stay strong, friend :hrtlegolove:

whispers I wanted to call you Triple A :grin: :hrtlegolove:

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From: twixremix

hey ashley,

i’m so sorry those harmful words were even said to you, i wish i understood why people choose to bring others down. most of the time, people speak before they can think. the impactful, rude comment is a strong example of that where this worker most likely did not intend to make you feel insecure and even questioning a relapse. even if their intentions didn’t align with their words, that’s no excuse to their behavior. i’ve been in your shoes before too and have had to train myself to ignore the rush of anxiety and adrenaline in order to say quickly, “that was hurtful of you to say,” or a more biting comeback (sometimes rudeness deserves a bit of sass back).

that took a lot of strength to not relapse though - that is absolutely amazing. i hope that as you continue to simmer off this interaction with the worker and remind yourself of the truths of your outer and inner beauty, you can do something special for yourself. while thoughts can fester for awhile, you are in full control to push the negative out with positive truths. sending you so much love and comfort, ashley.


These kinds of thoughts don’t stop on there own. They are birthed out of knowing that we are not perfect. Others can bring these thoughts and feelings into our consciousness by pointing out our imperfections to us. But deep down we know our imperfections are there. I know that others will not agree with this, and that’s OK…I have found peace and settledness in who I am by agreeing that I’m made in God’s image, and knowing that he likes me the way he made me. I no longer have low self-esteem or think too highly of myself (most of the time). I concentrate on knowing I’m loved by God. No one has the power to make us think or feel anything about ourselves we don’t agree with. I work really hard at remembering who I am when I feel slighted by others.

That being said, that doesn’t give me a license to abuse myself or God’s image in me. If you are overweight, as I am somewhat, it is right for us to take care of our bodies the best we can. So, I’m loved the way I am, but want to be the best that I can be. I try to make changes as I become aware that I need to make them. Congratulations not not relapsing! I don’t know what that means for you but staying true to decisions you’ve made for yourself is empowering. No one can take that from you!

Psalm 139 is a beautiful poem that explains God’s thoughts about us. You can Google it.