Photography - Looking for some feedback

My photography momentum has stalled a bit and I am looking for some advice. I live in the twin cities area and would love to connect with others in a similar spot. I am an amateur photographer and an engineering student. I am not looking to gain anything except some feedback if anyone wants to connect. I mostly do pet and car photography but I have been practicing some concert photography (on my phone unfortunately but I make do with what I have). I am still working on the presentation of my portfolio so I apologies that it is janky.

(I hope this is within the rules of the forum I was never very good at remembering and following those as a kid)

My portfolio

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Hi @nocouponsforkaren,

Welcome to HeartSupport,

You are an excellent photographer. I saw your website and it looks nice! The only thing I would improve would be the landscape & scenery. It would be really cool if you took a picture walking into the forest and take pictures of animals living in the forest. Another idea is to take picture of the forest during the sunset. I love to see flower pictures.