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Pissed Off

I have told my “friend” before that I’m not okay with hard core drugs, I’m not comfortable being around that and i surely don’t want to fucking talk about it. I really don’t like talking to this friend, he just doesn’t stop harassing me. He often says how he wants to be with me and says his girlfriend even isn’t okay with him seeing other girls. I have a boyfriend, i’ve never been interested in him and yet i still get harassment. Especially since he enjoys hardcore drugs. he used to take meth so i just stopped talking to him at all and now that we started talking again, low and behold he has another drug! that he claims to use it as an “anti depressant”. i’m pissed off. i have told him before i don’t like this shit and he has the audacity to say “you need to research it!” no. fuck you. i’m not fucking talking to you. drugs are not okay. fuck offf


Hey @foobie

Thank you for sharing this here. It sounds like your friend isn’t respecting you or your boundaries. You have consistently and repeatedly voiced to him that you are not ok with hard core drugs but he seems to keep disregarding your feelings on the matter. That mixed with him saying he wants to be with you despite having a girlfriend and you not being interested in him is another example of him disrespecting you and your boundaries. You feeling harassed regarding these things really makes for a toxic friendship and really, friends don’t harass their friends. They support and respect their friends. I would encourage you to stand your ground in this. Keep your boundaries and know that you can only control your actions.

Hold Fast,


That is not a true friend.
A true friend is more like this (I’m gonna take a passage from a book)

  • Hiroyo is such a good friend to me, that he understands how I feel without even seeing my face, and I don’t have to say much to him for him to understand my troubles. And over the years, we grew so close that we thought of each other as family, and whenever Hiroyo was not feeling confident, my hugs would always comfort him. And we would sit in a field together, and I would look into the sunset and he would smell the flowers.

The person you mentioned is not a true friend, get away from him. Tell someone you trust irl about the situation and see if they can help.

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That’s not real freind. That’s definitely somebody you need to get away from.

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Being around that person sounds dangerous and it could only get worse if you don’t distance yourself as much as possible.

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