Pizza = Anxiety

Hey yall. It’s been a while. Things are mostly going good, but I had a really “off” day today, and I just need to vent and maybe need some advice.

I had a long, stressful day at work - over 10 hours with no breaks except to use the bathroom and grab drinks. I then took a shower when I was finally done to try to relieve some stress, and my neighbors kept flushing toilets and running water so I ended up getting sprayed with freezing cold water half the time, which just made me uncomfortable.

Then I was feeling slightly hungry and decided to order pizza from Dominos to help me feel better. It did the opposite.

While I was waiting for my delivery, it gave me the option: “Rate your Online Ordering Experience” - I rated my “online experience” as 2 stars this time, as the website was extremely slow - it took me almost 20 minutes to place my order (1 pizza and a dessert), and I tried restarting my internet, reconnecting the wifi, and connecting to my hotspot and it was still slow so I didn’t think it was me. I even checked some online forums and found comments from the last couple hours from other people who were saying the site was slow. I still tipped well (25%) and always do.

When the driver got there, they were nice, but they awkwardly asked me if his boss called, and I said I wasn’t sure. Before my order was delivered, I got a phone call that I missed and they left a voicemail. I didn’t even notice the voicemail until after the delivery asked me that question and I went inside. As soon as I checked the order, I rated the rest of the items (Driver etiquette, food quality, etc) and gave them 5 stars in those categories as I usually do unless they majorly mess up or forget something, then closed the website.

As I was getting the food ready, I proceeded to check my phone and found a rather nasty voicemail from the store asking me why I submitted a 2 star rating. My rating was incomplete, and I rated the rest of the order highly once I received it. There was no reason for anyone to leave a voicemail like that. I’m not even hungry anymore as my anxiety has kicked into high gear. I can understand why they’d call if I left all 1 stars in every category before it was delivered, but the other categories were grayed out until the food was fucking delivered. Why would they call me like that? The lady was so nasty in her voicemail giving me attitude about giving them 2 stars when my review wasn’t even completed yet, and the individual rating was for something completely unrelated to the food.

I’m literally shaking right now and just upset because I just wanted to enjoy my pizza, and now I’m having a full blown anxiety attack because this manager / employee got her panties in a bunch over me rating an ONLINE EXPERIENCE. I didn’t rate the DELIVERY or the FOOD when they called and left that message. She sounded like she was flat out angry with me, and for what?

I don’t understand, and I feel like I’ve done something wrong - did I?

Best belive I’m not ordering pizza for a while.
I will be having a popsicle for dinner.


sounds likes she proved you right with the 2 star rating, that call certainly deserves a 1 star!!

But how sad is it that she has to react that way? She could have asked you your reasons politely, certainly no reason to lose a customer with a mini freak out, far less leave a voicemail behind as evidence.

On the other hand, it sounds like her day was going quite terribly, and she was just spewing on everyone she encountered.
I’m truly sorry that you had to go through this!

Also, in case you needed to hear it, of course you did nothing wrong. They can be pushy with those feedback forms and you were just being honest in your review. I hope you still enjoy that pizza because you did nothing to deserve depriving yourself of it!

hope the rest of your day wasn’t quite so intense. How are you doing now?


After the phone call, I would say the two star rating was generous. I would be very tempted to convert the voice message to an MP3 file, and email it to Domino’s corporate office. If you still have the message, you could also play it back to the store’s manager, but if it’s the manager that made the call, it may not do a lot of good. Considering their attitude, it might be best to look for somewhere else to get your pizza.


Back in my day (hehe) when we didn’t have the internet, we wrote strongly worded letters to complain about about experiences with this type of thing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You handled it way better than I would have. I probably would have called them back and ripped them a new one. Good on you for staying in control and not doing what I would have. That takes a lot of self control and maturity.

You did the right thing 100% and have no reason to feel any other way. :hrtlegolove:

I know this is 4hrs later, but I hope you finally calmed down enough to eat.


Thank you for your responses :two_hearts:
I know I’m coming back a day late, but I ended up eating something else for dinner and saved the pizza for later.

I did end up reporting what happened to Domino’s through their online customer support thing, but I tried my best to be straightforward while still being as nice as I could manage. I don’t know how to get an mp3 of the voicemail but I’ll figure it out if they ever ask me for it. I have it saved in my phone at least lol. My vm isn’t the visual vm, it’s the old fashioned call and enter pin, so it’ll take some researching.

Even if my complaint just goes into the corporate email void, I feel better having let them know what happened. At the least maybe they will talk to the manager of the store and let them know what they did was uncalled for or something like that, and my imagination can live peacefully with that resolution too.

Still not gonna order from that Domino’s in particular, but might not stop me from asking my bf to order it at his house :face_with_hand_over_mouth: at least that way I don’t even think about the order and the rating and if they call it goes to his phone. It’s such a weird circumstance because I almost always place my ratings for an order, and I’m sure if they bothered to look at my order history they would have seen that. I’ve never had them call me for that.

Either way, it’s their loss, and I hope that the manager felt dumb once my “review” was completed and she saw the rest was 5 stars. I hope she felt ridiculous for leaving that voicemail when she saw what I rated the rest of the order. I wish I could have seen/heard her reaction, lmfao. I submitted my final rating before ever hearing the voicemail, otherwise it would have been different.

Either way, I’m having a better day for sure


N one should call like that. That is just plain mean. :angry:

If they were living up to even a two star rating, they’d ignore it when someone thinks badly of them, the only thing you did wrong was giving them a two starst insted of onky one.


There was a business where I lived who acted very much that way. Instead of taking on board the ratings and trying to figure out how to better themselves, she would full on attack people online, over the phone or face to face.
I’m so sorry you had to deal with that stressful experience. They should have at least just sent you an email asking what they could do to make your experience better, then you could have had a chance to explain.
Nobody deserves to be treated that way and that is well out of order.
Especially since this was something to help you unwind and treat yourself with.
It’s not on you at all!
I hope sharing your feelings here has helped ease it a little bit.


Your computer probably is able to record from a microphone, so you could play that message on your phone while your computer records it. If it’s a PC, it will record I think in WMV format, which converts easily enough, but you wouldn’t have to convert it anyway. I don’t know what format Mac’s use.

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