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@Influencer and @Heartsupportwall I definitely feel the same way, overwhelmed with anxiety day to day. I took a job at a lesser pay to get out a of toxic environment from a previous job. Im struggling to pay bills but I am looking for something else that pays better but I like this current job, fantastic people and a good work/life balance but I need to get back on track with music, but I don’t feel any inspiration. If/when I do get another job with better pay it’ll probably take up more time and I fear I’ll lose myself and my music. That’s just what’s been on my mind lately and I know it sounds silly but still I feel stuck

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I totally get this… finding that work life balance is so tricky. And finding fulfillment on top of that is even more complicated. I actually just left a job that mattered so much to me to take on an entirely different career. I feel like a traded one sacrifice for another, fulfillment for stability. The real struggle is that I’m an idealist, and I think that I should be able to make good money doing what i care about, but it doesn’t always work that way… the thing that is always true, though, is that we can choose joy. Even in the mundane trudgery, we can find things that make us happy. If it’s music, make time for it. If it’s making more money, don’t settle. We have to prioritize based on the things that we need to survive, and sometimes that does mean sacrifice, but eventually we can find a balance, include the things that matter, and find joy even in the things that aren’t ideal. You’re definitely not alone in this. And things will be ok!

Thank you for sharing, it’s not silly at all.
Making choices for our mental health can seem like a really difficult thing to do, especially when it seems to put us at a disadvantage in other areas of our life. It seems like you made the right choice if your previous workplace was bringing you down.
Can you pick up a few more hours in your current job? It’s not uncommon for our financial situations to drain us and make us lose interest in everything else because we are so hyper focused on that.
Stick with your music, you will get that inspiration back and it will be so worth it. You’re heading in the right direction!

What you have to say doesn’t sound silly at all. It comes from your heart, it’s part of your life, it’s about you… so it matters. It was very brave of you to switch for a different job despite the impact on your income. Getting away from your last job’s toxic environment was the right call, because slowly it can really drain the life out of us. It’s a bummer though that now paying bills is another issue adding up. I imagine that it could like you’ve traded a problem to another one, even while knowing that it was the right thing to do. Right now, and given the circumstances, it makes absolutely sense to feel overwhelmed and just out of motivation. You’ve got a lot on your plate and some important stressors in your life that are affecting you, and money is definitely one of those. As you said though, it is a matter of time before you adjust your situation. Once we feel like we’ve set up the right environment around us, it gets easier to feel motivated and to focus on the things that bring us joy, because we can live rather than functioning. Keep that spark of hope and future perspective. It is a goal that is going to be a pillar of motivation and strength to you, especially during times when you might doubt yourself or your future. You are absolutey capable to recreate a new harmony in your life between jobs and bills, so you would be able to focus on your music as well. I wish you well in your journey. I believe in you. <3