Please help! I need advice

My mom found out about my boyfriend. I’m 18 and made a lot of bad choices and stuff. But this guy I really love and he respects me and has the same faith and loves me for me however the parts of the messages my mom read were bad parts and parts were it makes him look like he don’t respect me. I want to stay with him and start a life with him but my mom will be mad and probably take my phone away. I just don’t know what to do and I wanna die and or run away I know she’s looking out for me but she won’t let me live it breath! Any advice

Hey friend,

I don’t have a straight answer for you here. I was in a secret relationship with a guy that my parents found out about. They took away my phone and broke it off with him and I haven’t seen or heard from him since, and in that case, it was probably for the best because he was a few years older than me. After that, I was in a secret relationship for four years (this reason being that my bf was trans and my parents at the time weren’t super approving of that). They never found out about this relationship. Sometimes I wish they did because it ended up being abusive and I felt like I didn’t have anywhere to turn, but in a sense I’m also glad they never found out because I learned a lot from that relationship and wouldn’t be nearly as mature or responsible in my current relationship if it hadn’t been for that.

Normally I would say trust your parents on this one because they usually have a good idea of who’s good for you and who’s not, but not all parents are created equal and some have poor judgement. You could try talking to your mom about the “good parts” of him and maybe she will be more understanding and warm up to him eventually. It’s your call. Do what you think is best.


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Not sure if this advice will help but as far as I’m concerned being a parent myself I seldom see parents that take the time to truly appreciate their kids instead of just shoving a phone in their hand rather than addressing the needs of their children even if those needs are matters of the heart I personally feel more parents need to be more open-minded and more open-hearted most won’t admit that they have trouble letting their children go past a certain age and or maturity level wishing you infinite blessings and Limitless potential

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Thank you for taking time out to write back!