Pot meet kettle

I dont even know where to start to be honest, i’m fucking tired to be honest of being alive at this point. I live with my girlfriend I guess now ex girlfriend, I guess we officially ended it last week. She was very good to me other than the honest to god super crazy moments. I couldnt handle being accused constantly of cheating when all I do is work and come home to her. Stuff started to go downhill with her in January with my health issues and we started staying in separate rooms and my alcohol abuse skyrocketed. I ended it with her because honestly she deserves someone alot better . we aggreed not to have other people over. I dont even wanna date anyone but she is already on tinder talking to people because my coworker said hey your girl is on tinder and i asked her and she admitted it and got defensive about it. i’m fucking upset because she always ripped her friends about ending a relationship and jumping in a new one right away, we were dating over 3 years. I cant even wrap my head around being with someone new like i’m trying to heal


Ah man, Cody…it’s gotta be like nails on a fucking chalkboard to live with someone you used to love…to watch their heart move on, to LITERALLY be right there while they’re finding someone else to love…damn. That is brutal. Meanwhile, you’re struggling, alcohol consumes a lot of your time, you can’t even think about someone else…and this is all coming from the person who was accusing YOU of cheating and who told YOU that they wouldn’t want to jump from one relationship to another…it feels like betrayal on top of heartbreak…that’s brutal man.

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Hi friend. Wow I can’t even imagine how much pain you are feeling right now. It seems like it’s just one thing after another. Your post inspired me to make a tips post on instagram. I hope it helps. https://www.instagram.com/p/CMnfR0kp0s0/ sending love

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