PPS credential

Hey Everyone I just applied to go back to school for my pps credential and I am nervous about being accepted into the program. I hoping I can get in so I can finish this program and be able to work in the school systems in California. I have applied to two school programs and waiting on them to make the decision. I just got into one of the programs and now waiting on the second approval letter For SJSU.

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Hi @Justin_Janda,

Congratulations! Iā€™m super proud of you being able to get into a school program. This year I got accepted into graduate school just like last month from both schools. At first,I was also nervous being rejected from two graduate school. I believed SJSU will 100% accept you. Give an update!

Hey @Justin_Janda, any updates?

Fingers crossed for you! Also proud of you for applying to school you want to join! These are scary steps, but they are always worth taking. :heart: