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Prayer request for sickness & advice?


Hi everyone!

I really apologize that it’s been such a long time since I’ve posted here or have been on Discord (update about life soon!) but I really wanted to ask you guys for a prayer request.

My girlfriend has gotten quite sick recently, and the doctor isn’t sure what’s going on, but the symptoms are pretty rough and she’s running a high fever and in lots of pain. I don’t live close to her and our families don’t know we’re dating (we can’t disclose to them yet).

If you guys could, please pray for her and for healing; at least just having the pain subside would really help the recovery process I think.

Also, if anyone has any advice for a long distance, closeted relationship and what I could do for her on my end, I would honestly really appreciate it.

Thank you so much guys,
Love always,




Thank you @Eli ! <3

I just got word that her fever broke overnight and I’m very thankful that recovery is happening.


I’ll be praying for your girlfriend. I hope there are answers soon. I know the questioning is sometimes the worst part. My advice for closeted relationships is to start opening up to people you trust and love. People you know will support you. It doesn’t have to be family, maybe friends. Because it’s important to have some sort of support especially when there are medical issues involved. Sending you love and prayers.


I saw her fever broke! That’s great news



Prayers are up!


@IAmCassie Thank you so much for your prayers my friend! And for the advice :blush:
We’ve opened up to close friends and family (somehow, other family members can be easier than parents) that we trust! You’re totally right that support is very important.


Thank you so much @AVJR!


Hope your girlfriend gets better soon. M sorry she’s I’ll.