Prayer Request's (PLEASE) :-)

Hello and Greetings!
I may be a little old for this site, I’m 36 I Love August Burns Red and Heartsupport and what it represents! I would sincerely like to request Prayers for myself and my friend Zac…

We auditioned for the TV show Beat Shazam on Fox hosted by Jamie Foxx and we had a skype audition and they are doing call backs for the next two weeks. The Jackpot is $1 Million and with my knowledge and love of Music we may have a shot, God willing they call back. Zac is the proud father of a new baby boy born on Christmas Eve (literally just a few minutes before midnight)

I hope you don’t read this and think its foolish of me to ask for such a request with all the pain and suffering in our World, but I know HeartSuppoprt is full of genuinely fantastic people and Prayer never hurts. Thank you so much for your time! P.U.S.H. (Pray Until Something Happens)

P.S. If Zac and I win the jackpot I am going to have ABR play in my yard or house and your all invited!!!


I’'m keep you in my thoughts please give us a update :wink: wish you luck

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers @JOSHBELCHER1! :slight_smile:

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