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Psych Evaluation

I had my psychiatric evaluation today with our state’s behavior health dept. It was so hard to go even tho it was a two min drive. I fought my voices the whole time and kept feeling my shoulder being poked and some other annoying touch hallucinations. I heard, “she can’t help you, no one can” so many times that I felt like I was going to loose my mind.

I got myself thru it tho and I’m proud of myself. I used a lot of mindfulness. I listened to the sounds in the room, felt the floor under my feet and made sure I was breathing right. She had to repeat a few of her questions, but she was very patient with me. I appreciated that a lot because it was just really hard to sit there. I did hold back on some things because if I didn’t I would be waiting for a bed at the mental ward right now lol.

So, now I have to wait to get placed with a psychiatrist and I’ll start talk therapy. She said 1-2 weeks. I found out that if you meet California’s criteria for mental health there is some law that will get you free therapy if you don’t have insurance. So, if you need therapy and you live in Calif call the Behavioral Health Dept in your county.

Thank you @Lisaw1973 for being there for me. :hrtlegolove:


awesome, you showed those voices who was the boss lady!! You poked them back right in the head!!

So proud of you for going through with it, and for being open and honest. Hoping it leads to you connecting with a great psychiatrist! confetti canon for the progress


I love this for you so much! I know myself and everyone here is so proud of you and how far you’ve come. So proud of you for ignoring those voices that told you that you weren’t worth the fight. You are worth every ounce of fight!
I look forward to hearing more about the positive impact this is having in you and even sharing your struggles should any arise.
It’s an inspiration to see you taking the steps to make this journey, so thank you x


This made me laugh out loud :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you my friend :hrtlegolove:


i really hope you’re out there laughing out loud!! that is like the best reaction for the junior comedian i am LOL


That’s amazing @Mystrose. Well done! It sounds that you’ve handled the voices like a champion. I’m so very grateful that the psychiatrist was patient and listenin. It’s so needed for a first contact. Also totally fine to not tell everything for an evaluation and/or a first meeting. Life needs to be unfolded as its own pace.

Good news for the free insurance too!

Well done. :muscle:


Wouldn’t have it any other way my friend. You did so well, not that I doubted that you wouldn’t for a moment… :heart:


and thank you @Lisaw1973 for being there with her :slight_smile: you’re an amazing friend!


Hi Mystrose
You have done it. Good job. You did not let those voices get to you and seeked help. You can be really proud of yourself. :wink: I am glad that your psychiatrist was emphatic and patient. It really shows she was a professinal. I hope you will get a good psychiatrist and that it will be soon. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you everyone for you support, it means the world to me. :hrtlegolove:

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Proud of you. You are loved!

<3 Zephirah

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