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PTSD Is A Big Bitch


Now I’m not the kind of person who cries over spilt milk 6 hours after the little incident has happened, but Christ I know the past is past and that you cannot change it but everytime I so much as smell something that resembles a scent from a moment in my childhood I have a nervous breakdown, I’m seeing a therapist about it but I don’t feel as if she understands what it’s like, all due respect to her she does know what ALOT is like but it’s a thought in my head that triggers that feeling of doubt. I dunno, maybe I’m just acting up like I usually do.


Hey @Zak, ptsd is never easy is deal with, and I know others on this forum who have dealt with it too. Don’t beat yourself up too much, keep in mind that past is past like you say. Don’t let this hurt your future. It may feel like it’s controlling you, but I believe you can work through this. Take deep breaths during the breakdowns, try to focus on something you love or someone you admire.
You’ll be okay. We believe in you.
Hold Fast :slight_smile: