Purplelilly update

I know some of you are worried or in panic after my last few posts as they were about my attempts of suicide. I’m sorry if I scared anyone or made anyone worry.

I’m going to be honest here. For a while I haven’t been myself. I wish I was happy and open to help everyone, but I can’t find that right now.

I’ve been dealing with a lot of things and I don’t feel ready to tell anyone about it right now. I know that probably makes me a coward… :confused:

Ive lost people I care about and it just put me at my breaking point. The stress of everything I’ve been having to deal with lately has just been too overwhelming and I guess I just…snap.

Many of you I don’t know and you don’t know me, and I understand some of you resent me or dislike me, for good reason I suppose. But I wish I could be my old person, now it just feels like a zombie that sheds tear with no emotion.

I appreciate all your replies and advice you guys have given me. Thank you.

I’m glad you’re being honest, especially to yourself. :slight_smile: I hope you find yourself again soon. Never mind that, I know you will. We all fall down sometimes and that’s okay. We’re only human. And if you don’t feel like telling anyone, that’s also okay. Your past and your present life is yours to bring forward if you want.
We all just lose it sometimes when we lose too much at the same time. I’m sorry about your losses. Never give up friend! <3
Hopefully this song helps you: Youth and Whisky - Black Veil Brides

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BE who you are. Don’t be who everyone you think others want you to be.

I, myself am suicidal. IT can’t nor will it be fixed. Only I can fix my state.

I exist as I am. You should as well. Best to be honest than lie.

Be strong.