Being in quarantine with my husband I thought this is great we can have more time together but it just feels like quarantine made everything worse maybe my relationship with my husband just isn’t strong enough maybe it’s not worth it maybe I’ve been blind this entire time and did not want to realize it cuz it’s been happening even before the quarantine I guess I’m just here to rant I want to say thank you for reading listening etc and thank you for not being mean I appreciate all of your comments


I guess it depends on what kind of relationship you had. If you guys always went to parties, dinnerdates, outdoorsy stuff. I can imagine that being stuck at home with each other is quite the challenge. If that is the case, try to buy some boardgames, do make up on each other, paint on each others body. I think maybe you have to find some fun activities indoors that might be changing things up a bit.
If you were already the more indoorsy type, to me that would mea that your time at work was the only time where you’d not be together. Which is btw very healthy. Maybe you’re spending too much time together? Being an introvert, i can see how being together with someone 24/7 is also straining on my mood. (School trips were really draining on me and i almost always ended the week with a fight between friends because i needed more me-time)

I hope I helped you a little

Hi friend - the quarantine is hard on everyone for sure. I’m sorry you’re struggling with your relationship with your husband. Having to remove so much outside stuff can really put a spotlight on our closest relationships. Quarantine is forcing us all to make our social circles so so small.

Hopefully wherever you are the quarantine will lift soon. I don’t know your situation but I can guess that unless you are in a dangerous or abusive relationship, it’s probably best to not make any major life decisions until you get on the other side of the quarantine.

Hang in there friend. Hopefully you and your husband can discuss some of the issues together and see if they are things you can work through?

Be well.

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