Random though from a new perosn

Just a random though today and a way to introduce myself i suppose.
I got to thinking today what if depression and the voices we fight inside our head that are trying to kill us are demons and what we need is a pray or a something. What I was thinking about when the first time i every felt like I wanted life to end i was 19 year old my bother was at my mom’s and I did something wrong again and he had me on the ground choking me and I was trying to stop him when all of a sudden I had a though or heard a quite voice not sure which that said. “Why fight why not just let him” I remember stopping fight him and I tried to say while he was choking me dont stop finish it. He ended up letting go and just staring at me on the ground I think it scared him. But after that the though/voice comes and go sometime it a whisper and sometime it’s a yell. But it’s always there in my mind behind the laughter I show it still there. Everytime I am alone in car of at home it still there. Idk just felt like saying this idk why. and no matter what i do it stays mocking me. Just a random though today



Hey this aint a random thought but a realistic train of thought indeed. You could take the spiritual route and pray for such suggestions to leave your head or they could be confronted about what do they revolve around exactly and when are they happening. I am a firm believer in God and have heard of such instances happening by demonic activity around people (not demonic possession) because this is not what it sounds like.

Keep reaching out friend

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@blacklink13x I was not so much trying to sound like demonic possession although with the angry i sometimes get i do sometime wonder about it sometimes. more or less they start to whisper to people sometime. I strongly believe in God and it the one thing that has keep me going is it not my choice and when i go but his. but i still have the thought/voice it really hard to tell which it is. I can be laughing one moment and then the though is there. or driving singing a song on the radio and boom it there again.

It is that thought/voice that makes the irrational seem rational and our darkest thoughts seem normalized. I know kinda what you are experiencing and it interrupts my daily life at the randomist moments like in the car or at work. Be strong my brother in Christ.

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