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Please will someone tell me what the point is anymore… I really don’t like to tell people how I feel because all they do afterwards is constantly ask how I’m doing and I feel like if I told them that I don’t feel like there is a point anymore and they start treating me like a child… Voices in my head tell me that I am better off dead and in my head I wonder if they are right… I have been abused mentally, physical, emotionally my whole life I’m 17 almost 18 (18 in June) I’m just too tired… I’m surprised that I even wrote this…like I don’t feel like doing anything and I barely feel like eating… I just want to listen to music and sleep…

life may seem like shit right now but a good friend of mine told me life is like a series of mountains and vallies, right now you may be in a valley and its probably hard almost impossible to see the mountain ahead of you but there is always a mountain coming and climbing that mountain might be hard but if you keep going youll reach the top. if your struggling to see the point of life or whatever try finding something that you enjoy doing and focus on that and see where it takes you. for me thats art for you it could be playing an instrument, writing stories, playing a sport. Whatever it is keep doing it and stay strong.

I used to sing a lot but I stopped doing it due to the loss for the want to do it… Music has been the one constant thing in my life

Just replied to your other post, but wanted to shout you out here and just remind you that you are loved, and you are not alone. <3

Hey there friend,
You are here for a reason. There is purpose to your life. We all go through these rough patches, but that doesn’t mean life is over. Yes, it does not feel good one bit. But there is purpose to all of this. God has a great and wonderful plan for your life. He’s working out the details we can’t even see.
We all have scars that we wish weren’t there, but theres beauty can grow from it. It’s like flowers that grow in the cracks of cement. Everyone steps on cement, it can full of dirt and yucky stuff, but you will still see flowers growing where its cracked.
We all have wounds, but that’s where the light reaches in. Don’t let the darkness become you. You are stronger. You can do it.
take care of yourself, and reach out. Trust me there are people in your life that genuinely care and will be able to truly help. That could be a counselor, pastor, teacher, friend, parent, etc. Don’t let fear stop you from getting better.
Learn to rest, not to quit. Things will get better, God’s got you my friend.