Ready to die

My new tenants have fighting from day one since they moved into me and my dads house. I’m tied of it I’m having panic attacks and crying to the point of choking on my own tears. I can’t stand my life anymore I ready to move on and leave earth. I can’t stand being in pain and hearing people arguing like my parents did when I was 22. I wanna be comfortable in life and it feel like it will never happen ever.

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Hearing loves arguing does cuase a lot drama and stress. Also create a toxic environment too, but I think we can learn to deal with situations make them less toxic. When you get a chance try go for walks and let you emotions run thier course. It not worth ending your life over it. You got people that do care about you and validate you. Hang in there!

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From: Ash (Discord)

RickyP I am so sorry you are dealing with people who dont seem to be respecting the place that is your home. Sadly tho people may not be as aware of how loud they are or how much they are hurting another human if they arent informed. Have you taken the time to talk to them to share with them that the arguing is getting to you and that you really would like them to stop. If you have and it is still going on I want to highly recommend that you work on what I call coping skills. I have a lot of these for moments like what you mentioned in how them arguing triggers you back too when your parents would argue. What do you do when this happens for you. I personally love to do things that help me focus on that rather than the piece that triggered me or the anxiety from it. Perhaps you could try those. For me one is to use my senses but in this case that might not help you. I also like to use my hands or a texture to ground me. So I tend to always either have a blanket of my favorite texture near me or I have my favorite jacket with me than in the moment I can hold on to that rather than sitting ungrounded. I have also done where I touch my thumb to each finger. It will take time but finding those tools can really help you. Hold fast we are here for you.

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From: Night/in/gale (Discord)

Hey there! Sorry to hear the new tenants are being obnoxious, that can’t be nice. It sounds like finding some coping mechanisms could be useful for you if you’re having frequent panic attacks. Are there any hobbies you enjoy? Maybe listening to music or reading or writing…Something to drown out the world for a bit and give yourself time to reset. There will be a time that comes when life is less stressful. I like the analogy that life is like a roller coaster. There are ups and downs, and when you’re going down you just need to find something that can tide you over until the next up. Alternatively/alongside looking for distractions, perhaps you could talk with the tenants. I’m not sure how it works where you’re from but usually they have to sign some form of contract. Maybe you could add in there that they can’t make too much noise after X time in the evening and before X time in the morning? And talking to your father about it could also be beneficial, so that at least he knows (if he doesn’t already) that this is causing you unnecessary stress. Good luck, friend! You’ve got this! No storm lasts forever, and you can do it! Sending lots of love and support :heart:

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From: Micro (Discord)

Hey friend, I’m so very sorry this is happening right now. I hear your distress and wish I could just give you a giant hug to reassure you. Hearing people arguing tends to be very triggering to me as well. It makes me feel extremely distressed and like a little child again, because I witnessed violence at home while growing up. I hope you know that your reactions are okay and understandable, even if it’s frustrating because it’s mostly uncontrolled. You are not wrong for feeling how you feel, okay? If you can go away during these moments, just to make sure you breathe some fresh air and soothe yourself, then please never hesitate to do so. It is unfortunate that your tenants keep arguing like that, but you don’t have to suffer that endlessly or silently either. Do you think it would be possible for you to talk to them, with the help of your dad, about this? As you’re sharing the same space, it would be important to set some boundaries once everyone feels more calm and able to discuss. Arguments can be a real annoyance, and it’s okay to try to address these issues all together. Please know that whenever this happens, you are safe as well, and you are not back in the past. It brings a lot of deep emotions and despair, but you are not made to be stuck in this situation. There are solutions to try, both by taking care of yourself and communicating with them. <3

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