Ready to give up

Been trying to fix my bike since last week on Monday I’ve pretty much tried about everything to get this little moped fixed so I can get back and forth to work and so I can get my child food and water since we have no car and no drivers license and now I’m pretty much gonna lose my job because of my diabetes and having to walk to work in this heat and gonna have to put my child up for adoption cuz then I won’t be able to take care of her if I don’t have a job or transportation. I’m just about ready to give up cuz there’s nobody to help either all my family has financial issues :disappointed:

Hey, I’m sorry you’re having bike issues. I’m not sure but maybe there are financial programs for those who are struggling or for struggling parents where you live. I would suggest you try researching in that. There could be some that your government, town, or state has. I’m not sure if you’re on food stamps/WIC or how much that is helping you if you already are. If you don’t already have that I suggest you look into. Hopefully my advice is helpful. I also hope that good luck comes your way and you are out of this rut.