Really bad argument happened

so i guess warning for something honestly really scarry to me and bad, I’m just going to copy paste what I told my boyfriend because I’m to shaky to type it all again so here: i got mad at mom for giving william my ramen because its the only one i have left and its my comfort food, i got mad at dad when he joined in he told me to go to a food pantry see how that feels and i told him to shut the fuck up he cept talking so i kept saying it because i was trying to explain that it was my comfort food then i took a step towards him so he grabbed my arms and put me to the countertop yelling “you want to get all up in my face how do you like this” i told him to let go and he didnt so i pushed him away grabbed my drink and sat down crying. mom told me stop being the victim when dad kept talking and i covered my ears.
I’m in my room with the door locked now, I have an entire notes thing on my phone filled with bad things they do but this is by far the worse and I don’t know where to go from here, my partner wants to get me out of the house now but I’m not 18 yet (16) so please help, this isn’t the first time theve gotten physical just the first in a long time.


I’m so sorry that happened, @PhoenixL. It seems that this was a very heated argument, although a parent should never make their children feel threatened physically or emotionally. I’m also sorry that your mom didn’t realize how shocked you were and only put the blame on you. The fact that you sat down and cried was a valid reaction, nothing to be ashamed of and certainly not a way to victimize yourself.

You had a good reaction for going to your room and staying there. It’s better to go separate ways when an argument seems to get our of control, so everyone can cool down and let the storm pass. Make sure to breathe slowly, wrap yourself in a blanket to feel a little bit safer, and eventually listen to some soothing music. You’ll be okay.

You have mentioned that this isn’t the first time they’ve gotten physical, also that you have notes about bad things that happened before. Would you mind sharing some of them here? For how long these kind of interactions have been happening?

I’m glad to hear that your boyfriend is listening and supportive to you. The fact that you are a minor doesn’t prevent you from being protected if you are stuck in an abusive environment. How to go from there, if that is something you’d like to consider, would be to reach out to the appropriate services (like helplines supporting children and family against abuses) in order to get some practical guidance and help.

You deserve to feel safe where you live. You’ve been very brave for reaching out during such a distressing time. You’re not alone. :hrtlegolove:


so the other things @Micro would be the same grabbing my hands and putting me to a wall and just straight up slapping me across the face, and as for where to go this was the last straw and my boyfriend is getting help (he said lawyer)


@PhoenixL I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. If you are not feeling safe, please call the police and tell them. It’s not ok for your parents or anyone to get physical with you like that. :hrtlegolove:

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Hey @PhoenixL its good to meet you, its creative encouragement week so I thought I would make a little something to make you smile. hope you like it. its basic but sent with love. xpostahug


Hi @PhoenixL
I am so sorry this is happening to you. Things like this should not happen. At least you have got support from your boyfriend. Hang tight you can get throught this. You are strong. :heart:



My friend this is not something anyone should have to deal with. I am so sorry that you have family that are treating you like this. No human should ever have to fear in a place they live. Can I ask have you told anyone like a teach or a professional about this situation? It to me is something someone needs to help get you out of and if you can get someone who understands that idea of how bad this is than you can likely get more help for it. If nothing else I want to encourage you to find a place of safety online. Like here.

Please keep us updated.
Hold fast


Hi @PhoenixL
You do not deserve to have to go through this. Your parents are not treating you well and that is not okay. You’re 16, and you should definitely not have to keep experiencing this for another two years. I’m not sure where exactly you’re from but you might want to call for help about family abuse or things of that sort. We are here to help
Stay strong, you can do this :hrtlegolove:



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