Reflecting on my progress


Its safe to say that the past few years have been rough for a lot of people including myself. This year has proven to be especially challenging physically, mentally and emotionally.

My husband just got $3000 of dental work done. He didnt want to go to the dentist but I insisted because mouth issues get bad fast.

My elbow will probably require surgery but Im trying to put it off until early next year.

Not to mention the complicated pregnancy, emergency c-section, sepsis, Kiera’s miriad of health complications and everything else that has happened this year.


A decision I made almost 10 years ago allowed me to be able to pay for my husband to get his dental work.

Going through school while working for 2 years at nearly 30 years old to switch careers has allowed me to leave my labor heavy job so my elbow surgery isnt as urgent, as well and being able to work for an amazing manager who understands that family and health comes first.

I went from being homeless 10 years ago to owning my own home and 2 cars.

I have a beautiful daughter who scares me and makes me smile and Im proud of her all at the same time. And I have the means to get her the specialty care she needs.

I have a husband who supports me in every way in spite of his own challenges.

Life is still hard but for different reasons. I know I complain sometimes about my family relationships and how hard it is to keep the money straight and sometimes I just need a break from life. Im glad this place is here so I know there is always someone who can offer some advice.

But I guess one thing that can be taken from this is that its possible to make it through the hard stuff and be happier on the other side. You never know when 1 bold step forward today and lead to a more prosperous tomorrow than you ever imagine.


That’s a wonderful and very realistic perspective. It took courage and tenacity for you to, through experience, arrive at those truths.

If life was easy, would the accomplishments be appreciated? There’s a Scriptural reference to storing treasures where they don’t corrode or get stolen. In practical application, it means to have treasure in the form of inner resources. For example, if you have a fortune, it can disappear. You can be rich one day and bankrupt the next, maybe even homeless, and be helpless to do anything about it.

However, if you have a “treasure within,” in the form of wisdom, education, courage, and real world experience, you can land on your feet and continue having a decent life.

Thanks for being here. Wings


Hi Sapphire,
that is really wonderful written and such a inspiration.
You have overcome so many things, you can really be proud of yourself and you family. I am proud of you.
Life is hard, and hard is sometimes too much, but you are doing that in a wonderful way in my eyes.

you definetily can. She is strong, like her mother. That shows what a heart you have, you’re a good soul.
You can complain here everytime, get your break and vent. We are here for you and we care for you and
your family.
be grateful for today, tomorrow is not granted for everyone. comes to my mind.
Have a wonderful day my friend, feel hugged and stay safe,


From: ManekiNeko

despite all the setbacks and hard and painful moments, I’m so glad you have moments of joy and that you take some time to celebrate your successes. YOU made that happen! You should be so proud of yourself and of how far you’ve come.

we all need that safe space to be able to talk about the hard things in life. I’m glad that HS is a place for you to be able to do that. Hopefully it also helps give a bit of relief from the outside stress around you, even for a few moments.
I love celebrating your successes with you as well! You are a resilient and amazing human