Relapsing back to self harm

So it has been a while since I have posted on here coz I thought I was doing well. Work and family life were good until recently when I have been let down and undermined by my so called supervisor. It started after I forgot the tiniest thing at work he thought it would be a great idea to tell anyone he came in contact with that I was lazy and incapable of doing my job properly which is a bit rich considering it takes an hour to fix his mistakes. Working in the security industry that is the last thing you need especially when you hear it from the clients management. After I found all of this out I could feel my anxiety building every time I had to go to work. It’s starting to affect my family life now where I’m hiding how I’m feeling even though deep down I know they care . Over the last week and a bit i have started to self harm again initially it has just been small and easy to hide but this morning before work I was feeling really out of it and i ended up cutting my arm pretty bad, I don’t know what stopped me from doing more but something did.
I am really hoping that can last till middle of December when i have just over a month off work.
It’s hard when I know he is wrong and I am a hard worker that puts a lot effort into everything I do at work but my brain being how it is it just really gets to me.
I hope that this has made some sense, I just really needed to get it out


From: ManekiNeko

thank you for sharing with us what’s going on. It’s incredibly awful and hard when supervisors and people in charge start to take advantage and make things difficult. It’s definitely not okay for him to treat you that way and to undermine the work you’re doing. And especially not okay to relay that to clients! My encouragement to you is to perhaps take it higher.
1. Write down everything that takes place. Documenting work place bullying (and it is) helps so much! And then 2. Report to HR. Try to avoid second hand information, but if needed you can relay that you’ve heard clients mention something and if need be they can reach out to those people to hear their side.

I’m so sad to hear it’s taken it’s toll so harshly in your mental health! I encourage you to be open with your family and friends about struggling and even about thoughts of self harm. You don’t deserve to be in pain. You don’t deserve to hurt yourself because someone else is doing the wrong thing. This isn’t because you’re incapable, it comes down to their own issues.

I don’t know what your work place or state has in place, but if our management don’t respond to us, we can select to see HR and have a representative present and if that doesn’t do it, we can escalate to our states incident reporting which goes even higher up to state affairs. Kind of like an fair work ombudsman. We let a lot of things slide, but really the only cost is our own health and safety. You come first. Be kind to yourself and if you’re safe and comfortable please speak up. Hope your weekend is much better.

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Just here to send you love. You are understood, seen, heard, and cared for. Everything is going to be okay and you are capable of incredible things. I’m proud of you for posting and hope you find comfort and support here❤️

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