Relationship challenges

Everything in my life is going so great except my romantic relationship…I feel like we get along so great during the day and then get into an argument later that night. Like it’s been on repeat the last week straight and I’m starting to feel more distant from her now. I’m scared that I could loose her. I truly love what we have but can’t seem to have a good night’s rest lately. This shit sucks. I miss the happy comfortable us :frowning:


Ups and downs happen, and if you don’t address them they will continue and get worse. My best advice, what I use with my wife when I’m feeling distance, is to pick a calm time and express my concerns. “Is everything okay between us? I’m feeling distant/noticing a pattern of behavior. I want to make sure everything is okay between you and me, and address anything that’s bothering you that I may not be aware of.” Sometimes just acknowledging it is enough to make both of us more mindful and disrupt the pattern.


It’s cliche to say that relationships are complicated but they are, as well as they can be beautiful and wonderful. Why do you think you guys argue at night? Could it be that you both are possibly projecting your work day on to each other? There are numerous possibilities. I agree with Sheetmetalhead talk to her when she is calm and essentially check in on her as well as yourself. Communication and trust is key to any relationship and some days will be easier than others but if both factors are there it will help mend the relationship.

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Thank you for your responses. I will greatly consider approaching the situation differently. I appreciate you guys reaching out.

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