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As being 28 years old virgin and living in his parents house (lol), it bummer to people with a specfic someone and have a lot of friends. It hard for me to connect or build relationship ( whatever is friendship or romantic) with females. Unfortunately, the girls I fell in love wth want nothing to do with me or they mostly just use me. At most time, I feel that deserve to be alone, beucase i lot mental issue and feel I scare them away. There one girl that love and broke her heart. So in someway it may be Karma. I guess sad becuase i i wish could have a girl that go on road trips, shows and just simply being there. I trying to learn to be okay of being alone, becuase i think im better of being alone. I wish did not have romanic feelings toward girls. Also, I dont think im manly enough for girl, beucase I feel my emiotions are very open. To be honest, I dont know my true gender, I know I really have feeling girl, Dont feel like an man, becuase im muscle or macho. In also i know should assoicate myself with any gender. It hard becuase girls just want asshole macho guys and that treat them like crap. While they use me and leave me off to the side

Don’t define yourself worth based on the lack of a significant other, that is a dangerous thing to do. Chasing girls can become a vicious cycle of rejection and depression so instead of focusing on trying to fill the void in your life with girls, maybe focusing on self improvement is a way forward.

Learn to love and accept yourself, despite whatever flaws you may have. Be authentic. People are naturally drawn to people who are authentic (in my opinion) and it will allow you to start having more meaningful interactions. You don’t have to be the macho guy to make friends, just be you (as cliche as it sounds).

Heartbreak happens, and it sucks. Still, it is natural. A girl not wanting to be in a romantic relationship with you does not imply that you are beyond loving.

Pursue authentic connection and genuine friendships will come as a result. Relationships will happen in their own time. Don’t give up.

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Hey friend,
I feel you. It can be really hard to feel comfortable and happy around people who are thriving in friendships and relationships. I’m at a place in my life where I believe 100% that I am going to be alone for the rest of my life. Whether that’s true or not, this is a great time for you to feel comfortable with being by yourself and work on yourself. I know it’s hard, and you may not want to, but I believe we find what we want when we start to get comfortable with ourselves and know ourselves. You may realize being alone isn’t that bad. Maybe you’ll gain motivation to try harder to gain relationships and friendships. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Your time will come, I promise. Just focus on you.
Stay Strong

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