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Why does it feel like I’m the only one taking masks and this disease seriously? People are vacationing and having parties right now? I’m scared I’m going to catch it and get very sick or make my loved ones sick.

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@RhysmaPlays_Fans you are not the only one taking this seriously because many people have preexisting conditions that make them more vulnerable to the disease. I can relate since i have not seen my parents in months due to them barring me from seeing them physically until the disease gets cleaned up. I am afraid of spreading it too to my friends and roomate.

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I can totally understand your frustration… I feel very similarly. I’m perfectly healthy, but COVID terrifies me. You’re not the only one taking it seriously. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve left the house since March. I always wear an N95 mask and bring hand sanitizer. When I do have to go out to pick up groceries, it irritates me to see so many people who seem to blatantly disregard public safety measures. It seems like such a little thing to me to wear a mask. You’re not alone. I try to remember that the reason it looks like no one is taking this seriously when I have to get groceries is because all the people who DO take it seriously are at home and staying away from others. We can’t SEE all the responsible folks.


Why does it feel like I’m the only one taking masks and this disease seriously?

I get that feeling. When I go out, a part of me gets mad to see so many people without any mask, especially in small places like shops or else. It feels like everything is suddenly okay while we still don’t know how things are going to evolve. It’s not even about being paranoid or annoying. Just being responsible and remind ourselves that we’re all living together.

I love what @Squints_a_lot_Fans said. What we see can be biased too. A lot of awesome things remain unseen including people who keep taking this disease seriously. It’s a very good reminder. Because the worst thing in all of this would be to start thinking that there are “good” or “bad” people. It’s just - I think - different ways to cope and handle an overwhelming situation. People seek the normal they knew before, they want concrete perspectives, they need to feel free in their daily life. It’s a need that can be understood. For people who don’t respect the safety recommendations, but also for those who keep respecting it. I guess, as human beings, that it can be hard sometimes to see a situation through a large perspective, and not just a very individual one.

I guess a lot of grace is needed for everyone in these circumstances, regardless of what we think, do, or say. At least, as individuals, we can still discuss with our loved ones and try to make them understand the importance of taking some precautions. With as much love and mutual understanding possible. :slight_smile: