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Ricky Horror interview


I have been struggling with a battle of great depression since I was 18. I was constantly bullied throughout high school and I recently lost my mom last year to cancer at the young age of 51. I had a hard time coping with the fact she wasn’t around anymore on earth. Then this year I saw an interview done with Ricky Horror,my favorite guitarist from Motionless in White, that changed my life forever. Ricky turned out to be struggling through the same kinda battle of depression and every word he said I could totally relate to. I was shocked that such an icon in my life was struggling as much as I was. That’s when it clicked, I needed to talk to someone about my depression and find who I am in life. I came to heartsupport and told my story to the community about how I was struggling with the loss of my mom. A few days later I got so much help it was amazing and helped alot. The people on this site are so helpful it gave me hope and the strength to move forward. Then I met an amazing friend named Dominic who helped me find the true me and my true potential that was waiting for me. I now live a great life with a smile on my face and a helping hand for others who are also struggling just like I am. I am now a stronger person each and every day and it all started with a heartsupport interview done with Ricky Horror.


Dude, I’ve got goosebumps reading this. This is so incredible. Thank you so much for taking steps to open up about your story based on your trust in Ricky. I’m so delighted to hear that you’re more hopeful, more confident, more strong, and more purposeful after finding friends and community to help you through those lows. Thank you for your courage and your pursuit of better in your life. <3


Hi Ricky, thanks for sharing.

It’s so nice to see that HeartSupport helped you in you struggle against depression. I’m so happy you also met a new friend and you’re feeling good. Can’t wait to know the beautiful things the future has in store for you.

Love you

Pioggia :sunflower:


Thank you for your testimony. It is good to see how this site and their other media outlets have helped.