Rin and chinchilla both have had that significant

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Rin and chinchilla both have had that significant an impact on my healing as well and I I will be contacting them somehow soon. I am. I’m preparing to go public with Mike experiences which I won’t even attempt to explain. I’ll say that the closest way I know to try to describe it is what people explain as in your death experiences, but I’m it’s somehow. Still I’m still in that place. I guess it’s incredibly difficult to and I am searching for help to find a psychologist psychiatrist. Whoever and I’m in the process of trying to find someone who might be able to help me work through all of this stuff. My brain and my body are awake again in a way I haven’t felt since I was in my early twenties and it’s overwhelming and exciting but it’s hard. I’ve struggling to piece things back together. My short-term memory is destroyed still. It’s improving. I doing things like this is helping me be able to form and phrase my thoughts for a period of time. When I was speaking apparently I wasn’t saying what I was intending and what I was verbally hearing. So it’s it’s a lot of confusing stuff that I am looking for. The first person to kind of give me a hand to work work through some of this and I have been unable to do so well yet. If you could offer any assistance or advice. It would be very welcome. Please contact me in any way that you have available. I would give you my phone number if you know or email but I obviously can’t do that here so thank you and I hope this reaches you


Thank you so much for reaching out. I am so glad that opening up for you has helped, and I encourage you to continue doing so. We as humans are social creatures with the ability and purpose to share our experiences with one another. We were built to operate in community and to help lighten each other’s loads, together. You’ve seen physical progress and improvement just by opening up and sharing, and that must feel so empowering! Just by spreading your story, you’re able to form your thoughts in a more cohesive and framed way! That is so powerful, and the more you do so, the more progress you will make! Thank you so much for sharing and I implore you to continue to do so. I love that you are seeking out a psychologist/psychiatrist. Every experience that I have had with a mental health professional has been profoundly impacting, and it has helped me organize my thoughts in ways I had never expected. Through your continued sharing and your seeking of professional help, you are on your way to becoming more clear-minded and organized as ever.

I am not sure what your past looks like, but throughout your story I hear the recurring theme of progress. Yes, things may not be where you want them to be, and struggle may still be very prevalent, but there are so many glimpses of improvement in your story. I celebrate reading your sentence “My brain and body are awake again in a way I haven’t felt since I was in my early twenties”. You are experiencing a period of growth, rebirth, and renewal that hearkens back to youthful days! You are becoming in touch with your body and brain in a way that you haven’t felt in years! That is amazing! I am so excited for you! That overhelm and hardness that comes with those feelings is still so viable. It can often be like we are being handed a precious gift, but we have no idea what to do with it, how to handle it, or how this gift will change our lives. There is real anxiety that comes with that, but I want to challenge you to reframe that anxiety and overwhelm to excitement. Yes, the future may be cloudy. Your next steps are not clear. You aren’t sure what your life is going to look like with your current state of progression. Within that uncertainty there is hope. Hope of a better future. Hope of continued improvement. Hope of future successes. Hope in the fact that you still get to wake up every day and be thankful for the breath in your lungs regardless of your past. Your future is teeming with hope and your progress is remarkable and inspiring.

You inspire me, and I am so glad that I have the ability to connect with you. We are always here for you if you ever need us. I encourage your newfound openness and I believe while my entire heart that continued progress is embedded deep into your future. You are so loved and you are a light in this world.