Running a yard sale

My mom told me unexpectedly today that she “wants” (read: expects) me to run a yard sale this weekend. We are moving and downsizing, and have had like five yard sales already and it’s getting quite obnoxious at this point. I don’t like socializing with strangers, i hate small talk, i hate talking to people i don’t know, i hate getting up early… she is basically asking me to do everything that i hate.

I want to say no.
I should say no.

But she’ll guilt trip me and make me feel bad about myself. and i’m just so sick of it, honestly.
I think the best option is to put what we want to get rid of on the internet, because from what she literally said last time, doing that proved more beneficial than waiting on the off chance someone would come by and buy something. she said herself we could maybe make like $50. and i just.

i don’t want to. it’s not even like she is asking me to clean the garage. I feel like she is asking me way too much, and I just know she’ll be pissy at me if I say no. Because what else do i do besides sleep all day and play on my computer :roll_eyes:

I also can’t physically do as much because i have stitches in one of my fingers and i just got them in a few days ago, so i also have a bad bruise there. and it keeps hurting badly (it’s on the pad of my finger. where, you know, the most nerves are located). i am just so frustrated. about her “wanting” me to do this and moving. she is being incredibly invasive and stressing me out, especially since she is already super stressed herself with taking the boards. It makes me think bad thoughts and have bad feelings.


Posting online seems like the move. Some parents always will suggest and expect you to listen. Even as adults. Hopefully you can stand up for yourself and steer away from the bad thoughts and feelings she caused you. You should do what you want with the stuff you want to sell/get rid of, and not necessarily what she wants or expects. She will get over it.


thank you. it’s just emotionally exhausting too, but i’d much rather have momentary irritation of posting it than long term as would happen in a yard sale. lol


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