Sad Update on Uncle

So, my uncle has brain cancer, right? That will never be cured…
Just learned that his right hand (though it’s been slowly progressing through the weeks) is paralyzed and he can’t use it, and now his right leg is starting to be paralyzed. It’s not completely paralyzed yet but it’s getting to that point. I wish brain cancer was never a thing because if it never existed, my uncle wouldn’t be going through this…

I’m trying to prepare myself for when he passes and I don’t want him to. Though I don’t know him well, I feel like it will leave a gap in my heart because he’s special to everyone: My dad, my mom, their children, their family, etc. Please send prayers and love to us and their family. It will help a lot.


I’m sorry Alex. I can’t even imagine how hard that must be for your Uncle and your family. It’s so crappy to have to watch your loved ones suffer from things like this and be completely out of your control.

Even if you don’t know him well, it’s still family. It’s still hard watching that. I’m sending you and your family a lot of love and thoughts.



Thanks. We’re planning on getting him a wheelchair so he can get around, but even thinking about that it’s scary.


I am so sorry. You and your family are in my prayers.


Thanks. All the prayers will be appreciated.


Kept trying to post this the other day, but somehow post never went through - in response to your room sharing problem - would your family think you are totally bizarre if you hang a curtain or fabric around your bed or desk or some other personal space you may have in your sister’s room? Sometimes even just a little hideaway can make the difference. Not being able to be alone, or have a private space can be crushing. But a little area of privacy may help you through.


Thinking of you today.

I just read this post. I’m so sorry, friend. I understand the pain of seeing someone dear to your heart having their health declining progressively… There’s no word to describe it. My heart goes to you.

Your uncle is lucky to have such a wonderful and supportive family through these tough times.

If there’s anything we can do to support you or encourage you, please let us know.

Take care of yourself too, as much as possible.


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I’m so sorry. There are no words to describe how heartbreaking it is to prepare to say goodbye to a loved one. My heart and thoughts go out to you. Do your best to be kind to yourself and take care of you also. :heart: