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Safety plan thing

so I was looking at the safety plan thing and I came to rhe conclusion that I cant fill one of those things I can’t fill in a single blank


You can try, it’s tough but it’s possible


It’s really good that you’re willing to try! It’s not impossible to fill it, even if it feels like it at first.

There are 7 parts. What about trying to focus on one/day and set it as a goal to achieve at the end of a week? That way, you wouldn’t have to focus on ALL OF IT and/or be overwhelmed by it. Just a way to do it little by little. To take it easy. :slight_smile:

We can also help you navigate the different parts if you’d like to share about the obstacles/resistance you face while trying to fill it. There are things we might relate to, or have insights to share. Here to help, friend. Let’s discuss about it more in-depth if you want.


I think it is great that you are at the first step! You have it. Now, you have to copy and paste it into a document or text file or even better yet, write down the first few lines on paper without the information filled out. All that stuff @Micro pointed out is an amazing way to go! I say way to go, now keep it up! We are on your side!

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but like I dont know I can’t answer any question

Doesn’t mean you can’t write it down or copy and paste it and then save it. That is a first step to take

well its like the questions I’m having problems with like whhats a safe space for me I dont have any I dont have five reasons to live for

I guess but its just gonna be thier

I have many things that have just sat there until I’ve started filling them out.

I know you like drawing, you’ve said that before. You said that in an earlier conversation. I think that’s a reason to live for. You want to do drawing as a long term career goal, is that a goal you want to obtain as a thing to live for? I think those two you said to me before both sound like great things to live for. This safety plan is the start of how to get yourself there. This is us helping to give you the tools we can equip you with to further yourself.

yeah true but I don’t know if thats something that I will see and make me not want to die. and now I’m feeling guilty about possting stuff here I feel like I don’t deserve any help and others on here deserve it more than me.

I think that drawing is something to put down, it is something to start with and you can have more than those added to the list, and the list can be more things as time goes. The limit is what you make it. Why not start with that and grow from there?
And you are as equally worthy of being here and having our time as everyone else. You are here, you are loved, and you are worthy of that love. No human is worthy of anything less than that. You are worthy of having people care about you. So I’ll encourage you with this tidbit while i have to go and do things:
Start that safety plan even if it’s just saving it to a file on your computer, make a plan to write one thing every day over the coming days on there that would be something to live for. Keep talking to us as much as you want, don’t feel like you are a waste of time or a bother, you are not a bother. And keep updating us with life and definitely keep updating us with how your action plan is going. I will love to see what amazing things you come up with to live for. I bet they will be awesome. Stay with us, you are not alone, you are always welcome! I encourage you, ask any questions you have about a safety plan. I don’t have all the answers on safety plans because they aren’t all the same, others have what also works for them too so that’s why we have everybody here to help out!
You’re loved! You matter! You’re cared for greatly!


thanks I still cant understand why anyone would think those things of me but thanks

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when the pain of staying the same is greater than changing is where you will be free…

being willing and open to change is the first step and sometimes if thats not there be willing and open to being willing and open

its 1 step at a time and sometimes you stop to rest just so you can take another step. be grateful for the rest because thats what gets you to the next step forward…

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I know it’s just that first step is so scary and hard

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The first step is always the scariest! But once we overcome it and the temporary sense of discomfort that goes with it, there’s also a huge sense of reward and growth to feel.

How is it going since your last post? Are you still trying/willing to fill the safety plan? Anything we could help with? :slight_smile:

umm well I’ve been doing a bit better mentally I don’t feel as depressed as I was and I dont constantly have all these negative thoughts in my head but um I haven’t tried messing with the safety plan

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I am glad to hear you’re starting to feel a bit better, now is the time to start that safety plan :slight_smile: I’m going to echo what micro said, How can we help you? Are you still trying/willing to fill in the safety plan. We are here for you and want you to succeed in life :slight_smile:

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I’m willing to yeah but yeah It will probably be a slow process

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I’m willing to yeah but yeah It will probably be a slow process

I’m thinking about filling it as well. :slight_smile: If you want, feel free to ping me on the #talk-it-out channel of the Discord server, and we could try to discuss there about the first step together. Sometimes just having a conversation with someone helps to reflect on ourselves and find our own answers too. Other members could even find an opportunity to think about it too and give their insights/help. You’re not alone.

okay thank you for sticking with me

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