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Scared and desperate


I was suicidal for a long time in my life and have always been terrified of going back. Now i find myself researching ways to die and how much rubbing alcohol it takes to end this. Please help. I’m terrified. I don’t want to go back to that point.


Hi Star,

You have fought and survived through so much. And I know that you can fight through this too. We are here for you. Did something happen to trigger these thoughts again? In any case, if you ever get the urge to look up how to die, come on here instead. You are worth life and you are worth love.



Thank you so much. I’ll try to remember your kindness and advice. In terms of triggers…i just keep getting reminded of friendships that i lost and they go to my youth group and it just keeps brining back negative emotions like hatred and regret but i keep going to youth group because i love my family there


Hmm yeah that is tough. Well I think you should still go because the Youth Group feels like your family. If you can I would be respectful to those friends you lost, but stay away from them if they hurt you or make you feel bad. Maybe this is an opportunity for you to make new and better friends? I’m not sure, but you know if you ever need anyone to talk to we are always here for you


Thank you. I really appreciate the reply to my post.




Another method that might work if members of your youth group are up to it. The people that you like in your youth group. Get them and talk to them about how you feel that you like them but your feelings towards others that hurt you. Ask them if you could spend time with them outside of youth group because these people trigger you. Or if possible if they can find a way to have more than one youth group in hopes the people that trigger you go to one and then you can go to the one that they don’t go to.