School and my mom bringing me to the verge of tears again

I feel stupid, for crying over this.
But here we go, I guess.
My mom said, she’d help me, if school overwhelms me again. She said, she’ll help me, if I can’t do the tasks by myself. I thanked her and said, I’d try by myself at first. It didn’t work out. So I asked, if she could help me out, like she said she would. All I got from her was “You can do it by yourself.”, but not in the encouraging way. No, she said it, like she was annoyed by me asking for help. I continued trying and ended up getting a tiny bit done, with a lot of struggles. In the end, she got mad at me, for not finishing more. She once even threatened to take away my phone, because I “wasn’t focusing”. When that happened, I was close to a breakdown, because I felt so overwhelmed and tried to get these thoughts out of my head with the help of my phone. She didn’t even let me try to explain, she just started yelling at me.


Dear friend,

There is no reason to feel stupid about being upset by this. We all need someone to help us through the rough times in life, and it is especially hard when you think you have help, only to have the rug pulled out from under you when you really needed the help. That is not fair to you and you have every right to be upset.

And I want to congratulate you for going out of your comfort zone and completing some tasks, even if it was uncomfortable for you. It may not seem like much, but little steps like that will help you get better and better at overcoming your anxiety, it’s a great step in the right direction.

Stay strong friend, you have more drive and strength than you know. -hugs-

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First thing, if somenthing is make you to have a bad time or is make you cry, is not stupid. It stop being stupid when a problem is making you suffer.

Is really hard when School is hard and our family instead of help us and try to motivate us, they do the opposite.
I think that the best thing you can do first is to tell your mother about how you are feeling and how her reaction arent doing anything good to you. Maybe by telling her that you will feel a little more better, because you know when we tell the person that is not making us good, what is making us hurt, we feel like we were getting free from those emotions at least that happen to me.

And my advice for the task or for homework if you dont understand somenthing, know that in Internet there are a lot of videos that can help you.

Take care :white_heart:

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Your mom isn’t always gonna be there for you, and I feel like she’s trying to teach you independence.

She wants you to mostly do it by yourself, but ask for help once in a while but not every second.

Don’t take it too personally my dear
Your mother just loves you and wants you to learn, and she probably gets impatient when you keep asking for help.

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