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School Is stressing me out


I’m guess I’m stressed about my courses for next year because the school year is ending next week and at this point my school has me doing German (again) as well as 2-D animation when I didn’t sign up for either one. It’s stressing me out as I don’t have interest in either topic and I know I won’t be able to pass then as they do not interest me. But I did email my teacher and tell him about the situation, so that might do something I guess.
I don’t know what to do.


just tell the school and don’t close your mind to it. don’t stress out, their is a possibility that you might find and interest in it. and look at it in another way you will have experience in something that you could use or not nut at least. you could accomplish something you don’t like. it is an example of the work place we can’t alaways do what we want. just do your best


I know that struggle. Not being able to do something you’re not even interested in. That’s rough! I hope that you’re professor/teacher can offer you some guidance and help! Sending you much love. One day at a time my friend. And we are here to offer support. Keep us updated. :heart:


I was able to talk with my teacher and thought I will still have to do 2-D animation to get the credits I need to graduate every thing was figured out.



Are you in high school or college?


I am currently in high school.



Okay. Maybe talking to your high school counselor, and tell him or her if there is another class to take.